Dry- rot Damage Recovery

7_Dry-rot Damage RecoveryHow to solve the dry rot problem that has eaten my foundation?

Dry rot is a state of wood in which a fungus breaks down the wood’s fibers and makes the wood weak and brittle. Excessive moisture is the cause of dry rot.

Borate wood preservatives could be utilized to treat and prevent fungal development, or even occasionally wood replacing.

Dry rot, also known as brown rot, can cause very serious damage and deteriorate the wood around your home.

No one likes to hear the word “fungus”. So when your house is being attacked by a living fungus called dry rot, you need to request the services of some professionals to look after the trouble.

Disaster Recovery Services is a specialist in dry root and wood replacement. Our professionals will help you in replacing wood which has been  engulfed by dry rot fungus.

We can remove the fungus and help fix the wood damaged by the organism. We can additionally supply wood replacement and repair any termite damage.

Disaster Recovery Services has an extensive history of expertise in removing, preventing and controlling dry rot infestations in houses.

Our skilled surveyors and technicians will:

* Identify the type and extent of the dry rot and decay

* Determine the cause, repair  or remove the source of moisture

* Remove any wood or plaster damaged or affected by dry rot

* Replace all removed timber with treated timber

* Advise what additional steps (if any) are required to safeguard the property

* Ensure your property is left clean and safe

 The presence of “red brick dust” is the first and most common sign of dry rot. This is collection of fungal spores which are covering the entire surface, waiting for appropriate time to begin to grow.

 Our fully experienced and competent specialists are experts at identifying the degree of the decay and will organize an appropriate way to solve the dry rot issue.

 An outbreak of dry rot usually happens several months after a water disaster, like flooding, burst washing machine hoses, an broken/leaking water heater, or leaking pipes.

 We’re in damage restoration business and we focus on structural repair when replacing damaged fascia and eaves. We remove the damaged wood and apply the highest standard wood.

 We take care in replacing the damaged wood so the repair looks as good as new. What actually sets us apart from is the fact that we make sure the roof system damage is either termite or i dry rot.

 When dry rot is the basis for damage, we find out the root cause and fix the roof system to stop the damage from reoccurring. We’ve saved many of our customers from repeated repairs by combining the roof repair and  termite/dry rot repair.

Disaster Recovery Services work to develop our customer’s trust through the uniformity of our Dry Rot RECOVERY services.

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