Fire or Smoke Damage Recovery

1_Fire or Smoke Damage RecoveryIf your home has been affected by fire, you need the immediate response of Disaster Recovery Services. Our team of highly trained professionals will work to assess the damage and generate a custom cleanup plan for your needs in a quick and efficient manner.

 You might not realize it, but danger still lingers in a structure after a fire has been extinguished.. Smoke particles attach themselves to furniture and electronic equipment and damage them, including other items of value.

And smoke damage can lead to virus, bacteria and fungi and have a profound effect on the health of you, your loved ones or your employees.

We will dispatch a technician to your location right away. Fast action is needed to arrest the ongoing damage caused by the acidic properties in smoke and soot that can cause harm to your building and belongings.

Our technicians will arrive quickly to assess the damage and give you a free estimate.

Our certified technicians have the knowledge to test materials and apply the restoration techniques required to return your property and items to their pre-incident condition.

Fire and smoke damage services include:

  • Emergency Board-Up
  • Smoke Odor Removal
  • Sanitation and Air Purification
  • Careful Inventory and Removal of Damaged Goods & Personal Property
  • Content and Structural Cleaning
  • Secure Storage
  • Water Extraction

 We’ll work closely with you and your insurance company to help make sure the total cleanup and restoration operation is as fast, efficient and safe as possible.

 We remove smoke residue and treat at-risk surfaces such as marble, stone, tile, grout, glass, appliances, metals and porcelain with a special corrosion inhibitor.

 The advantage of working with us are:

  • Detailed evaluation of your situation
  • Address your cleanup and restoration concerns
  • Get your questions answered
  • Estimate in writing
  • No pressure, no obligation

 With knowledge and compassion, we are a team of licensed technicians who are fully trained and certified in fire and smoke damage restoration.

Our comprehensive emergency fire damage repair services can reverse much of the effects of fire and smoke damage.

We guarantee our Fire and Smoke Damage services just like all of our other services. If something isn’t done to your full satisfaction just call us at (561) 123-1234 and we will fix it immediately.